Here we go again

Wine,dine, melanholic crime and here we go again.



Amsterdam – the city of freedom thas has been gained and lost at the same time. While I did not have any grand expectations of my trip there, I did indeed felt as if some part of me wished it was different. Cultural and mesmerising during the day, while packed and crowded by the night….

Are you moving in or what?

Hello, darlings! Found this in my pile of “stories that didn’t make the cut” and it was quite a trip down the emotion lane of how it was, when I just got my own place and how it is not. So I though I should share it with you, maybe somebody is freaking out about…

Evening darlingsĀ 

Haven’t posted for a while now. I guess when you work with texts and ads all day, there’s not much to put on the paper in the evening. All I want is to be quiet, to enjoy my time at the gym, listen to good music and cook something tasty. Go to sleep early and…

Short ride stories

I love to drive a car but there’s something magical about public transportation. Every morning I take the same bus unless I’m running late, which doesn’t happen often, but I have had my share of “can’t get out of the house today”moments. I know that every morning there will be a girl at the bus…

Cheers to new beginnings!

Hey guys! The great fast has ended. You must think I’m stuffing my face with Nutella and ice cream right now, but I’m actually quite well behaved. šŸ™‚   The only thing that I’m really glad about is that people won’t feel uncomfortable around me, while eating cakes or cookies or any other treats that…

I like you

So here’s a tricky question. Would you ever say “I like you” to a person you feel close to if you wanted to make him or her feel special? I like ice cream. I like sunny days and movies. I like to listen to songs before I go to sleep. I like to see street…

Happy women’s day!

To all every woman out there – you’re amazing, don’t forget to sparkle!

40 Days of Great Fast starts tomorrow!Ā 

For the last 4 years or so I have been feeling like my body needs a rebooting after the winter. So before Easter I fast for 40 days which is known in Western Christianity  as the Great Lent or Great Fast. During Lent many Christians commit to fasting or giving up certain luxuries as a…

How to have a fresh start?

Lately I consider myself a master of starting fresh, at the point zero.And I have developed a pretty good understanding of what is necessary to not loose it when you have to build everything from ground up. Recently I had to move from one side of the ocean to the other, leave my friends and…

Changing heartbeats

There’s a saying “All change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end”.

My favourite writing quote

Lemme tell you something kid. You gotta grab the reader by the throat. He’s on a train. He’s trying to hit on his secretary; she’s not giving him the time of day. His wife is mad at him. His kid needs braces; he doesn’t have the money. The guy next to him stinks. It’s crowded….