2016 – game changer

Since it is January 1st 2017, I decided to put down my thoughts about previous year. 

2016. wasn’t the easiest year I have had, but at the same time I can honestly say it has been a real game changer and I enjoyed it.

It started in California, dreaming about “what if I could stay a bit longer” and ended with some grand confeti fireworks in the heart of Riga old town. 
So what happened in between?

Somehow managed to get hired, without even looking for a job. Turned out to be the best “accident” of the year. Have grown so much as a professional during this time. Pushed my limits, realized I can do much more. Found some truly amazing people that I’m lucky enough to call my friends, team members and sometimes partners in crime 🙂 

Moved to Riga, got lucky again and found myself the perfect first apartment. Slept for almost 2 months on an air mattress in a half empty room, till I finally switched my brain from “let’s keep our options open” to “this is really happening!” Instead of just staying overnight, I decided to actually put in some time and energy to make it look nice. So I called my friend Aelita Leto, she helped me with Feng Shui planning, and now I can say, I finally feel like coming home to my cozy Pinterest apartment. I will update my blog with some before/after soon. Everything just feels right at place. Still a few things to be done, but 2017 sounds very promising for that.

Had an amazing summer. Lots of spontaneous events with my friends. The ones who have been a part of my family for years and years, and some new ones. Completely new ones! With whom I feel like I’ve known them much longer. I’m so incredibly blessed to have them in my life. That’s a true life goal dream come true ❤️

Tried out my limits with cross fit – loved it! Every time felt like giving it my everything and a bit more 🙂 At the moment too much happening, but for sure going back to the box.

Traveled ✈️ California, Cyprus, Prague, Marrakech. Made great memories, saw beautiful places, heard people stories, tried out new things. So excited to remember every one of those trips. I think I will never get tired of seeing new places and meeting new people. Culture is the language that speaks without a sound. More to come next year for sure. 

Got my heart broken over and over again, still worth it. All the lessons I learnt. Gosh, sometimes I feel like my heart is already 100 years old. Somehow it still works. So that’s promising.

One wedding, one precious God-daughter and such a great feeling of being a part of it all. That’s an honor I will cherish my whole life 💕

To sum it all up. I guess this year has been better than good. It has been great & I have a feeling that 2017 will be even better. Let’s all live more in the presence this year, say more “yes” and just trust yourself. Love more. Everything happens for a reason, even your broken heart and dreams. Never stop believing. Just go for it! Cheers!🎉


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