40 Days of Great Fast starts tomorrow! 

For the last 4 years or so I have been feeling like my body needs a rebooting after the winter. So before Easter I fast for 40 days which is known in Western Christianity  as the Great Lent or Great Fast. During Lent many Christians commit to fasting or giving up certain luxuries as a form of spiritual discipline. I personally am more like go to the Church once a year kind of a person, but I do feel very good by testing my ability to say “no” to temptations . So this year I have decided to fast till Easter from any type of sugars, alcohol, white flour products, junk foods, sodas and pork meat. I will try to reduce my coffee intake, read more and exercise more often. Hopefully this cleanse will reboot me and give me that awesome feeling. I know that the first one and a half weeks are toughest because body gets rid of all the sugars and toxins, but I think I’m ready 🙂 I will keep you posted.


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